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PowerServer 2022 R3 – Deploy PowerBuilder to the Cloud, Automatically

PowerServer – Automated Cloud Deployment

PowerServer is an automated cloud deployment solution, which converts client/server PowerBuilder apps into Installable Cloud Apps, typically in just weeks or less. It can convert any PowerBuilder project since almost every single PowerBuilder feature is supported, including PFC. The resulting application has a cloud-native architecture executing on the .NET framework. App installation over the Internet is seamless and updates are automatic.

Minimal Code Changes

Minimal code changes are required, which are performed using the PowerBuilder IDE. Only a handful of features are not supported, and PowerServer automatically partitions all data access logic into REST APIs. No application is too large or complex for it to handle, including PFC.

Inherently More Secure

The converted apps are standard cloud-native architecture running on the .NET framework. All SQLs and DataWindows execute behind the firewall. Data is accessed through industry-standard REST APIs, secured by OAuth or JWT. The client app is encrypted, digitally signed, and checked for integrity.

Host Anywhere

From a hosting perspective, PowerServer is fundamentally just another .NET cloud app. It imposes no limitations or special requirements, allowing you to host on-premise, private cloud, public cloud. Because .NET Core is supported, you can deploy to Kestrel and run cross-OS and/or containerize (e.g. Docker).

Installs Seamlessly

Installs seamlessly over HTTPS to Windows devices and without admin rights. It can also be pre-installed as an .MSI. The client app will automatically update itself each time it is started. No special configuration or third-party software is required. Experience for Yourself

No User Retraining

The converted cloud app looks & works the same as the original PowerBuilder client/server app. No need to retrain end users, dumb down functionality, or compromise user productivity.

Evaluate PowerServer Today!

Request a free 30-day trial of the PowerBuilder 2022 R3 CloudPro bundle to experience for yourself, or schedule a free technical session with an Appeon expert to get your tech questions answered!

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