SAP announced the end of maintenance of PowerBuilder 12.6 and InfoMaker for June 30, 2018.  Appeon recommends existing customers to upgrade in order to receive continued technical support from Appeon as well as benefit from new features. SAP/Sybase PowerBuilder customers wishing to receive this upgrade should purchase a new subscription from Appeon or its authorized resellers.


Step 1 - Understand the New Licensing & Features 

Understand New Licensing and Features

Subscription Licensing 

  • Perpetual licenses are no longer offered.  Both PowerBuilder and InfoMaker are sold on a pure subscription basis only. 
  • A subscription includes a non-perpetual license, updates, and standard technical support
  • Licenses can be readily assigned and reassigned to a named developer through the Appeon Website. 

New Features

Upgrading to PowerBuilder 2021 mitigates risk from environment incompatibility, known security vulnerabilities, and discontinued tech support. It also enables developers to implement new & innovative features, such as strengthened security, automatic cloud deployment, codeless UI modernization, REST API-Enablement, DevOps with Git & SVN, and much more.

Step 2 - Buy the Correct Bundle  

Bundle Recommendation

The Professional Bundle is adequate for all SAP/Sybase PowerBuilder customers.  With this bundle, you can not only maintain the client/server application, but also create installable cloud apps.  If you want an automatic way to deploy your existing PowerBuilder app to the Cloud or you want to migrate all your business logic to C# we recommend purchasing the CloudPro Bundle.

Buy Online

  • Online Purchasing 
    Appeon accepts the following payment methods: credit card, electronic funds/wire transfer, or check. If you would like a purchase order number included on the invoice you can enter your PO number in the checkout process.
  • If you need a referral to an authorized reseller or have problems placing your order through the Appeon Website, please contact
Buy the Correct Bundle

Step 3 - Migrate to PowerBuilder 2021 or InfoMaker 2021

Easy Migration

Appeon PowerBuilder/InfoMaker is based on the SAP PowerBuilder/InfoMaker 12.6 source code.  As such, most customers on a recent version of PowerBuilder and InfoMaker should find the migration process to PowerBuilder 2021 and InfoMaker 2021 is quite straightforward with minimal code changes required (if any). Here's what our customers say about their migration experience. 

“The migration from one version to another does not generate problems, only with small adjustments it is possible to use the latest technologies. ”

Neguith Sanchez

Gerente Corporativo IT., Finotex S.A.
customer image

“The migration from PB12.5 to PB2019 R3 was painless with very little to worry about. ”

David Peace

Technical Director, Powersoft Computer Services Ltd
customer image

“A couple years ago we migrated out extensive application inventory of rich client PB applications from PB12.5 to PB2017, and the process was basically to open the application in PB2017 and click yes on the prompt to migrate the application. ”

Andrew Barnes

customer image

“I have just migrated a V11.5 PFC application to V2019. The migration was smooth and running in a day.”

Stan Zihlman

customer image

Migration Resources

Free resources here are helping you migrate to PowerBuilder 2021 as quickly and easily as possible: 

Consulting Partners

Consulting Partners

Appeon has a network of authorized consulting partners worldwide that can assist you with your migration project, training, or other consulting needs you may have. 

Product Roadmap

Product Roadmap

Appeon is innovating PowerBuilder in agile 6-12 month cycles.  Significant enhancements are planned for existing apps, such as the ability to convert into desktop cloud apps.