PowerBuilder 2017 and newer are licensed on a non-perpetual basis. A non-perpetual license allows you to use the software for a specified subscription period.

It will depend on what you are distributing to your customers. If you are deploying a 2-tier or REST API-enabled PowerBuilder client/server app (i.e. no PowerServer) and what you are distributing to your customers is the app itself (not the IDE) then there are no distribution costs.

If you plan to develop Desktop Cloud Apps with PowerServer then a perpetual license of PowerServer will be required. You can find PowerServer perpetual license pricing information here. If you are a software vendor, please contact our sales dept. so we can discuss OEM partner pricing and terms.

Appeon provides a new standalone compiler that can be installed independent of the PowerBuilder IDE.  If you don’t require the use of the PowerBuilder IDE for your build machines then you will not need any additional subscriptions.

The new cloud-based license management system is an alternative option that is more convenient and flexible than generating traditional license files.  It allows the license to follow the developer rather than be tied down to a specific machine.  It is an excellent choice if you virtualize your environment, telecommute, switch between multiple machines, or are simply fed up dealing with license files.

You can follow the instructions to generate traditional license files as you have done in the past with PowerBuilder or InfoMaker.  It will no longer be using the SySAM mechanism, but the idea is quite similar and no Internet access is required on the machine.