Error Message: Warning 14033: Failed to obtain the Server ID. xx% days remain to fix the problem.

Cause Analysis: The mac address of the machine which has Appeon Server installed is changed from the one specified in the Appeon License.


Each copy of Appeon server can only be activated on one machine, If you want to activate on a different machine, you need to de-activate Appeon server on the previous server first and then to activate in on the new machine.

Please follow the attachment PDF file to send us the license reactivation.bin file.

If your server is crashed and cannot get the license reactivation.bin file, then you need to fill in the attached form for requesting a new license. The workflows are:

1.You need to sign the reactivation request form attached and fax the signed copy to Appeon (or send the signed form to

2.Appeon will evaluate your form and approve this request if there is no problem.

3.Then Appeon License dept. will send the new license/feedback (if the request is failed) to you.

Here are some instructions for you to fill in the attached form:

1) Select Yes in the "Product Name: Appeon for PowerBuilder for .NET platform?" field.

2) Input product key in the "Product Key" field. (You can find the Product Key in your license file).

3) Input the old MAC address in the "Activated before" column for "Server MAC Address", and input the new MAC address in the "To be activated" column.

4) If Server IP Address/Server Manufacturer/Server Serial Number have not changed, then input the same thing in both the "Activated before" and the  "To be activated" column.