The underlining of menu items to indicate there is shorcut key doesn't occur until the Alt key is pressed.


  • PowerBuilder
  • Microsoft Windows 7

Reproducing the Issue

1.  Create a menu item and name it putting an "&" in front of the letter you want to be the shortcut key.  In the below picture the F in File and S in Search are underlined.

2.  Associate the menu with a window and run the theapplicaiton.  The F and S are not underlined.

3.  Press the Alt key and then the F and S will be underlined.


The default for Windows 7 behavior is not to underline keyboard and shortcut keys.


  1. Go to the following location in the windows control panel:
    1. Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Ease of Access Center\Make the keyboard easier to use.
  2. Then go to "Make it easier to use keyboard shortcuts" and check the "Underline keyboard shortcuts and access keys" checkbox.