Symptoms: The error "Setup is about to terminate. Failed to validate license. Please contact for help." as shown below may occur during upgrading your Appeon to a higher version or build.


Cause: It's probably caused by that the support plan included in the license expired already.

Solution: Please follow the below steps to get the support renewed and pick up the upgrade.

Step 1: Contact to renew the support.

Step 2: Either click the Renew Support button on the AEM Support page (AEM > Server > Product Activation > Support) to generate a support bin file or click the Activate or Upgrade License on the AEM Licensing page (AEM > Server > Product Activation > Licensing) to generate an activation bin file.

Step 3: Send the generated bin file to to get a new license with the updated support date.

Step 4: Apply the new license into the AEM.

Step 5: Try the upgrade again.