Phenomenon: When accessing to AEM you get the message “Error 14017: The Server ID in your license is not match with the one on your server”.

Cause: The server ID does not match the one binding in the license file.


Case 1: If you transfer to different machine, then you need to follow up the license re-activation process to provide us the license.reactivation.bin file which is generated on the old machine as well as the license.activation.bin file generated on the new machine, after that we will generate the correct permanent license file for your new machine. Here is the help documentation stating the license re-activation process for your reference:

Case 2: If you just use the virtual machine which cause the server ID to change or change the network card, then please provide us the following information to move forward.

  1. Run 'ipconfig /all' on your machine and then provide us the result.
  2. Go to the Licensing page and click the Activate button to generate the license.activation.bin file and send it to