Got the error "Failed to generate DWSQL" after deploying the application to the Appeon server. The DB connection is checked to be fine. Every setting seems OK. And you can access th e web application but all datawindow shows blank. 


Firstly, please go to the Appeon Developer > Configure > Application profile configuration to check if the PBL version selected is correct, and also please go to Appeon Develoiper > Configure > Application profile configuration > DB Settings to check and make sure the database type being used is checked and test connection is OK.

Then, please try the solution below:

Step 1: Full build your PowerBuilder application.

Step 2: Go to \%dveloper%\Project\your_application\release or debug\dwsql\dwsql.log to get the last record, empty compiled this DataWindow in PowerBuilder (Add a character and delete this character in the edit source of PB).

Step 3: Deploy your application again.

If the issue still cannot be figured out, please try to use the attached PBL to compile a new eondwsqlxxx.exe(xxx mean the PB version you are using, if you are using PB 12.5, then it should be eondwsql125.exe ) via your PB on this machine, and then replace the file 'Eondwsqlxxx.exe' located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Appeon\Developer2015 (supposed that you are using Appeon developer 2015).

dwsql.zip26.96 KB