To display a date, datetime or time column in a DataWindow, we use the properties editMask and format.

For example: If you set the french format "dd/MM/yyyy" for a date or datetime column, it will display 25/07/2015.

In this case, the format is "hard-coded". If the application is deployed on a US machine, you will get the the french format and not the US format which is MM/dd/yyyy.

The same problem can happen with time columns: some countries are using 24hours time, others, like US, use 12hours format (ex. 06:30 PM).




In order to display the local date and time format and use the Windows Regional Settings :

Set the format or mask for a column as this:

For a date column use [date] which will take the Windows format 'Short Date' and [longdate] to take the

Windows format 'Long Date'

For a time column use [time] to take the Windows format 'Long Time' format

For a datetime column use [date] [time]