In the PowerBuilder IDE, you added a pbl to the library list. When you open the application project and select the Libraries tab, the pbl is not listed.

If you select Design --> Deploy project, the application will be built without the latest pbl added to the library list.



Reproducing the Issue

1. Start PowerBuilder and open an existing application workspace and target.

2. Right mouse click on the target and select LibraryList.

3. Under the LibraryList tab, click the Browse command button and select the new pbl you want to add to the library list.

(NOTE: If the LibraryList tab appears greyed out, make sure all objects are closed.)

4. You will now see the pbl in the LibraryList tab. Click 'Apply' and you will see the pbl in the System Tree View in the IDE.

5. Now open the application project and click the Libraries tab. Notice that the pbl is not listed.


PowerBuilder behavior


Select Design --> Deploy Project. Once you do that, you will see the following message:

The current library list is different from the library list contained within this project. The project library list has been updated. Refresh build options for the changed list and try again.

Go back to the application project --> Libraries tab and you will now see the pbl listed under Libraries.

If you are creating pbd's or dlls, be sure to click on the checkbox next to the pbl so that the pbd/dll will get created for the pbl the next time you select Design --> Deploy Project.