When trying to connect to a remote VSTS Git repository, a message pops up: "Cannot connect to the repository. Please make sure you have specified the correct repository URL, user ID, and password.". However, User ID, Password and URL are ok.
*Reproduce Steps:
Connect to a remote VSTS Git repository using user ID and password.
1.- Log on to VSTS and go to security: 


There are two types of authentication and you can choose one of them:

  • Personal access token

Add a personal access token as shown bellow:

After you created the token, put in the password field in PB. You can put any text in the User ID field.

  • Alternate authentication credentials

Create a user name and password as shown bellow:

Note: You need to use the secondary user name in PB.

After you create the user name and password, use them to connect to the repository from PB.