This article will be relevant for you if you are having one or various of the following issues:

  • You installed another version of PowerBuilder and you cannot log in normally with your Appeon account.

  • You have installed another instance of PowerBuilder in another computer and cannot log in normally with your Appeon account.

  • You have two or more versions of PowerBuilder installed on your computer but cannot log in to one of them.

  • You uninstalled your only version of PowerBuilder, installed a newer or older one and cannot log in with you Appeon account.


The most common cause of this issues, is that your account is still logged to another version of PowerBuilder, for security reasons, PowerBuilder will only accept one session per user, the intended way to use your account on another version, is that you first log out of the one you're previously using and then log in to the one you're about to use.

This article explains how to do this and shows the options available to avoid this.

Solution #1

Open the version of PowerBuilder you were working on previously and log out, you can do this following this steps:

1.-Log in to the already logged in version of PowerBuilder you were using before, if you cannot do this, please proceed to solution #2.

2.-Select your user and select Account management.

3.-Click on the "Sign out" control.

After this, you should be able to log in into any version of PowerBuilder you're authorized to use.

Note that in this steps, you may use the option "Sign out on exit", selecting this avoids this issue, PowerBuilder will always log you out if when closed so your session closes and you're always capable to log in to another version.

Solution #2

Contact you license administrator and request a logout for your account.

Sometimes you could find yourself in a situation where you cannot access to your previous version of PowerBuilder to logout correctly, this can be done manually on the User Center.

For more reference regarding this issue, please check our guide on the documentation that explains the details of the licensing system: