Recently migrated application from PowerBuilder 11.1 (build 8123) to PowerBuilder 2017 on Windows 7.  The application is using Microsoft SQL Server and when calling a stored procedure using ODBC results in the error of "Invalid character value for cast specification".  

The following dbparms are being used in the database connection: 

  • StripParmNames='Yes'
  • CallEscape='No'.  


  • PowerBuilder
  • Windows 7
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Create a stored procedure that passes an integer in and returns two strings on a Microsoft SQL Server database.
  2. Create a PB Build 11.1 Build 8123 application that has a non visual user object with a function that calls a stored procedure and then migrate it to PB 2017 like so:
    1. STRING ls_string1, ls_string2 
      DECLARE MyProc PROCEDURE FOR dbo.usp_test :al_number :ls_string1, :ls_string2; 
      EXECUTE MyProc;

The script returns an error for the customer.


From the Connection Reference Manual, PBNewSPInvocation uses an alternative method to invoke a stored procedure.
The values are:

  • No - (Default) Use the standard method to invoke a stored procedure
  • Yes - Use the alternative method to invoke a stored procedure

The application was using the default value of No for PBNewSPInvocation.


For the database connection, the following dbparms resolved the error: