Bug Fixes

The following bugs are fixed in PowerBuilder 2017 R2 Build 1769 and later.

  • (Bug ID: 717, 744, 759, 776, 768, 785, 791, 798, 802, 826) When the DataWindow column is protected (Protect property set to 1), executing the DataWindow SetRow function may cause unexpected results: 1) SetRow function may return incorrect values; 2) the current column may lose focus; or 3) the focus may move from the current row to the first row.

  • (Bug ID: 698, 741, 751, 752, 799) When you make a change to the SQL of a DataWindow that contains computed columns (even if the change is only to add a few spaces), you will get unexpected results: (1) The DB Name of the computed column will be changed to compute_####; (2) All the properties of the computed column (font, color, position, visibilities) will be reset.

  • (Bug ID: 330) Executing external functions (such as setting the OLE Object properties) causes PowerBuilder IDE to crash.

  • (Bug ID: N/A) FileReadEx function fails to read content from the file (length is null) and returns the value 3.

  • (Bug ID: 889) The Environment OSMajorRevision property fails to return the correct version of operating system for Windows 10.

  • (Bug ID: 873) PowerScript event executes the embedded SQL statements when PowerBuilder compiles the scripts.

  • (Bug ID: N/A) Failed to execute "Git Pull" after executing "Connect to Workspace" in the GitLab or BitBucket server.

The following bugs are fixed in PowerBuilder 2017 R2 Build 1756 and later.

  • (Bug ID: 569) In the Customize dialog for the PowerServer Toolkit icons, the Current toolbar section still displays the icons for the old version.

  • (Bug ID: 435) "stack size changed during a routine call" error is recorded in the log when debugging a PowerBuilder application.

  • (Bug ID: 455) When saving a DataWindow as PDF using the NativePDF! method, the fields and text titles in some fonts are reversed.

  • (Bug ID: 416) When saving a DataWindow containing an "autosize height" column with NativePDF! method, the text overlaps the column.

  • (Bug ID: 403) Dynamically calling a function containing handle(this) will cause the app to crash. For example,

    w_genapp_frame.dynamic of_SheetIsClosing(handle(this), li_integer, ls_string, ll_long, this)
  • (Bug ID: 365) When saving a DataWindow that uses 0 as font size using the NativePDF! method, the PDF cannot be opened though it can be created.

  • (Bug ID: 253) Triggering the Timer event in a dockable window causes the PowerBuilder IDE to crash.

  • (Bug ID: 249 & 250) The CustomSize property of the NativePDF! method does not handle all of the paper sizes (such as A4) accurately.

  • (Bug ID: 177) When inserting text into the RichTextEdit control, the text is not using the default font.

  • (Bug ID: 417) PBC170.exe has stopped working when building a large number of (like 120) PBLs.

  • (Bug ID: N/A) If the DataWindow contains many images, the PDF file generated using NativePDF! method will be very large. Compared to PDF generated using a third-party tool, it could be 10 times larger in file size.

  • (Bug ID: 252) Text that uses a dynamically loaded font will be missing when saved as PDF using the NativePDF! method.

  • (Bug ID: N/A) The quality of bitmap with sign is very low in the PDF file generated using the NativePDF! method.