In the PowerBuilder debugger, breakpoints or quickwatch variables are not being saved from session to session.



Reproducing the Issue

1.  In the PowerBuilder IDE, open an existing workspace.

2.  From the menu, select Run --> Debug <targetname>

3.  In the debugger, display the script in the source view and place the cursor where you want to set the breakpoint.

4.  Doubleclick the  line to add a breakpoint.

5.  To add a quick watch variable, click start (to start debugging) and drag a variable over to the Watch view.

6.  Stop the debugger.

7.  Restart PowerBuilder and select Run--> Debug <targetname> again.

8.  Notice that the breakpoints or quick watch variables are not saved.


When  you close the debugger, any breakpoints or quickwatch variables should be written to a file called <targetname>.usr.opt in the same directory

as your application.  It is possible that this file is corrupted or is marked as readonly.


Verify that the <targetname>.usr.opt file is not readonly.

If it is not readonly, its possible that the  <targetname>.usr.opt file is corrupt.  Delete the file

and go back into the debugger and reset the variables resolved the issue.