WebBrowser(WebView2) works fine on a desktop machine but doesn’t work on Citrix server. Here is a typical scenario:

When an application utilizes the WebBrowser control, you may see 5 or 6 instances of WebView2 open, and it would consume 100% of the server’s CPU, and the websites would never render in the WebBrowser control. The edge browser on the server would also cause the same issue.


PowerBuilder 2019 R3 build 2797 or later

PowerBuilder 2022 R2 or later


This is due to a compatibility issue between Edge/WebView2 and Citrix. 


Edge and WebView2 may have problems with Citrix. Please refer to the following article to solve the problem. It is also recommended that you consult the relevant forums of Citrix or Microsoft.

For WebView2:

For Edge: