If you have multiple instances of the same application running at the same time and if they have opened a WebBrowser control, any long-running script in one of the instances would cause the other instances to stop responding until the script finishes. 


PowerBuilder 2019 R3 build 2797 or later

PowerBuilder 2022 R2 or later


The problem is with sharing the UserDataFolder of WebBrowser(WebView2).


Solution 1

If running EXEs in different directories, you can work it around by setting different UserDataFolder:

For example, set UserDataFolder in the open event of the application:

String ls_path

ls_path = GetCurrentDirectory( )

WebbrowserSet("UserDataFolder", ls_path )

Solution 2

When you run the EXE in the same directory, copy the EXE and rename it to work around. Renaming the EXE is also a way of implementing different UserDataFolder. By default, the WebBrowser sets Temp\{appname}+UDF as UserDataFolder.