In order to explain the instructions and important notes for upgrading Appeon from an earlier major version to a higher version, we’ll take upgrading to Appeon PowerServer 2020 for an example.

Do the following before upgrading:

Upgrading always has implications. There is potential installation fails. But the more likely scenario is that users discover regression bugs. And customers need to test very carefully and have backup of the environment so they can rollback.

Please refer to the following help to back up the AEM configurations:

Please refer to the following help for exporting/importing an application profile:

  1. Back up the environment/system
  2. Back up the AEM configurations
  3. Export the application profiles so you can import them after the upgrade
  4. Make sure the support plan of the Appeon product key (that’s used for the upgrade) is still valid. You can check it in the AEM Support page. If your support plan of the Appeon product key (that’s used to for the upgrade) expired already, then you’ll not be able to do the upgrade at all and you’ll need to get the support plan renewed before the upgrade. Please contact our IBD team at for help.

Upgrading instructions:

Attached the download links for Appeon PowerServer 2020 or older versions for your reference:

  1. Please follow the instructions in the Appeon help below to upgrade your current Appeon 6.5 to Appeon 2015 GA.
  2. You may need to apply the most recent EBF on the top of the Appeon 2015 GA. Please directly install the EBF on the top of the installed Appeon 2015 GA.

Important notes:

  1. If you are currently on a 64-bit Appeon Server, kindly please download and install the 64-bit Appeon installer; otherwise please download and install the 32-bit Appeon installer. You can go to AEM > Server > Product Activation > Licensing to check if you are on a 64-bit or 32-bit Appeon Server.
  2. Please upgrade the Developer and the Server to the same version and build, and then deploy your apps in a Full Deployment mode.
  3. Appeon Web and Mobile may support different features. For example, function GetFileOpenName is only supported by Appeon Web. If you want to run the application on Web only, please make sure the project type is ‘Web’ (Appeon Developer > Application Profile Configuration > Basic Settings), thus the unsupported feature report would only include the unsupported features by Appeon Web (the report will include all the unsupported features by Web and Mobile if the project type is ‘Universal’).
  4. Technical support is always available as long as your support plan of the Appeon product key (that’s used to for the upgrade) is valid. However due to the time lag, we’ll always respond to a tech support ticket/mail within 24 hours on business days. Therefore in case there’s any installation problem, we’d recommend you do the upgrade during our working hours (8:30 am to 5:30 pm UTC +8) if possible so we can respond to you immediately.
  5. If reactivation is needed after the upgrade: If you are asked to reactivate your Appeon after the upgrade, please follow the steps in the below help to get a permanent license and get your server activated.