San Francisco, California – August 6, 2021 – Appeon, a provider of software for accelerating the development of data-rich business apps, today announced the general availability of PowerBuilder 2021. The Cloud deployment capability of the PowerBuilder 2021 IDE, in conjunction with the matching PowerServer 2021 runtime, has been completely revamped to handle the most daunting projects with ease and bring PowerBuilder up-to-date with the latest .NET technologies. Specifically, the presentation layer now executes PowerScript natively on Windows devices. The middle-tier has been rebuilt around REST API standard with a pure .NET Core implementation. Added a new CI/CD utility that integrates with Git/SVN and Jenkins, compiles all PowerBuilder projects using the command-line interface. What all this translates into is that PowerBuilder is now one of the easiest and most productive tools for developing Installable Cloud Apps, and existing PowerBuilder projects can be converted to the Cloud typically in a few weeks or less.

Cloud Deployment Highlights

Cloud deployment with PowerBuilder 2021 improves on previous generations as follows:

  • Minimal Code Changes – Almost all the PowerBuilder projects, including PFC apps, can be automatically converted. Only a small handful of PowerScript features are not supported.
  • Cloud-Native Architecture – The compiled apps adhere to a cloud-native architecture and are powered by the .NET Core framework.
  • Enhanced App Security – All SQLs and DataWindows are automatically partitioned into REST APIs that execute behind the firewall. The client app is encrypted, digitally signed, and checked for integrity.
  • Easy Maintenance – Maintain your apps within the PowerBuilder IDE, leveraging existing development skills. Developers are shielded from the complexities of n-tier and REST API programming.
  • Flexible Deployment – You can host your apps on-premise, private cloud, or public cloud, deploy to a virtualized or containerized environment, and run on either IIS or Kestrel.

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How Do I Get Started?
These new Cloud deployment features are available only in the CloudPro subscription level of PowerBuilder 2021, which is now generally available for evaluation, upgrade, or purchase. Trial versions of the product are fully functional for a period of 30 days. Existing customers are entitled to receive this version as a free upgrade. New customers may purchase from Appeon or a local authorized reseller.

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Appeon helps software developers build faster, better, business apps. PowerBuilder, the flagship product of the company, has been used by over 18,000 organizations worldwide, and has a long history of being relied on for mission-critical systems. Appeon’s products simplify and accelerate the development of data-rich cloud apps for Windows. For more information, visit, or follow Appeon on social media: FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, YouTube.

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