San Francisco, California – May 31, 2019 – Appeon, a provider of software for accelerating the development of data-rich business apps, today announced the general availability of PowerBuilder 2019. PowerBuilder 2019 brings C# REST API & assembly development to PowerBuilder with the productivity that is the hallmark of PowerBuilder. This version also provides a C# migration solution (framework and tools so existing code assets can be leveraged. PowerScript client app development is revamped with new UI technologies and cloud architecture. All the new features together pave the way for a simpler, faster, open-standards approach to building cloud apps for .NET.

What’s New?

PowerBuilder 2019 includes the following key new features:

  • UI Themes- Skin the UI of PowerBuilder applications, instantly bringing a modern look and feel in a codeless fashion. By default, a flat design UI theme is provided in a variety of colors. Custom UI themes can be created by editing the style sheet (JSON format), which is similar to working with CSS.
  • TX Text Control - The TX Text Control RichTextEdit is integrated back into PowerBuilder by popular demand. It provides advanced RTF editing features and backwards compatibility for projects developed with SAP PowerBuilder version 12.6 or older.
  • .NET Data Access Objects- Two .NET data access objects are provided: .NET DataStore and ModelStore. It brings the heart of PowerBuilder to .NET development, delivering the high productivity of PowerBuilder, powerful data access functionality, and with high performance. Projects deploy to Windows or Linux and can interface with SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and SQL Anywhere.
  • PowerBuilder C# IDE- Powered by a customized version of the SnapDevelop IDE, easily build a variety of non-visual C# projects, such as C# Web APIs, non-visual assemblies, and unit testing (with xUnit). It also provides essential developer productivity features, such as project wizards, intelligent code completion, code debugging, solution management, and more.
  • DataWindow Conversion Utility- Migrate existing DataWindow data objects to C# Data Models. The DataWindow conversion utility also supports batch conversion, automatically migrating hundreds or even thousands of DataWindows and DataStores.
  • REST Web API Client - A powerful client is provided for consuming REST Web APIs. The client support JSON data format (including GZip compressed data), JWT or OAuth2.0 tokens, and all commonly-used HTTP methods for full CRUD functionality. It also supports tight integration with DataWindow and DataStore, automatically importing and exporting data and handling data buffers.
  • Compressor and Extractor Objects- Compress and decompress files or folders in a variety of popular formats, including ZIP, 7ZIP, RAR, GZIP, TAR, LZMA, and LZMA86. The object’s properties, events, and functions provide visibility and control of the process.

All New Features

How Do I Get Started?

PowerBuilder 2019 is now generally available for evaluation, upgrade, or new installation. Trial version of the product are fully functional for a period of 30 days. Existing customers (customers own valid subscriptions) are entitled to receive this version as a free upgrade. New customers may purchase from Appeon or a local authorized reseller.

About Appeon

Appeon helps software developers build faster, better, business apps. PowerBuilder, the flagship product of the company, has been used by over 18,000 organizations worldwide, and has a long history of being relied on for mission-critical systems. Appeon’s products simplify and accelerate the development of data-rich cloud apps for Windows, iOS, and Android. For more information, visit, or follow Appeon on social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube.

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